Sunday, January 13, 2008

Do Aankhen Barah Haath- A review......

With my humble apologies to Nakul(Sorry mate, it will have to wait), I go off on a tangent. Throwing all the arbitness to the wind(or maybe to the bog next door), I have undertaken the task of reviewing a movie, which I don't think any of you reading this post(if there are any) have even heard of, let alone watching it.

If you think, Hindi movies are farce, a commercial gimmick to lure the unsuspecting victim to the theatre, promising them SRK, and a crap of a movie, think again. What holds Bollywood together are movies like 'Do Aankhen Barah Haath', 'Naya Daur', 'Sangam','Satya' and more recently 'Taare Zameen Par', and certainly not the crap which Karan Johar and Co. produce/direct/finance. A normal reaction, when I say that it is a black and white movie in Hindi, is 'Oh!! Pain machhan...' OR 'What Crap da?? You so vetti??'. There has not been a movie as 'Do Aankhen Barah Haath', a movie of such intensity that 4 buckets are not sufficient. Yes junta, I did shed tears :P. The intensity, the expressions, the rate at which the movie proceeds is just mind-blowing!! The characters are very well potrayed, with the exception of the heroine(I don't recognize her) who is very-very-very irritating. If, I had made this movie, I would have edited her part out. The music score is brilliant(that is, if you like the old
Hindi numbers). I feel that there is not a more graceful, more introspecting, more lachrymal-gland-activating song than this movie's 'Aey Maalik Tere Bandhe Hum' sung by (who else??) Lata Mangeshkar.

Do Aankhen Barah Haath, should be viewed keeping in mind that the movie was made in 1957, when melodrama played a huge part in acting (as opposed to say, a "Taare Zameen Par" made recently). The movie, apart from being an extremely pleasant one (its optimistic tone and the chosen subject of reforming 6 hardened murderers into honest,non-violent farmers), shows a picture of the social milieu that covered India during the times the movie was made.

Some particular scenes really touched me , most predominant of which was when one of the convicts' mother , a frail old lady brings her grandchildren to meet her son. It was one of the most natural,real and effusive show of affection, I have watched in any movie. The film scores primarily in the sentimental part,especially in the climax.

So what are you waiting for? Get hold of a VCD and watch it, and er....if possible even lend it to me!!! The last time, I watched it was when I was in 10th standard(four years ago) on that evergreen channel which goes by the humble name of 'Doordarshan'. Tch....To think that this movie has not been uploaded in DC++, a place where I could find 49 of Top 50 Worst movies ever made in English, but not an excellent Hindi movie(Old though, it may be) makes me bow down with shame. What is the world coming to??


ramya said...

though i havnt seen the movie... i totally agree with u. "E maalik tere bande hum" is my favourite song. I have no words to describe it.

good work dude :)

Nakki said...

great post machaan.. will def. try to watch it.

Akshata said...

I watched it before you did. Na na na na too too. :p

Mera Naam Joker. Another DIVINE movie. :) There are many more on these lines..Senti ones I mean. Will have a look at dad's movie collection and let you know. Great work, again.

Arjun Bharadwaj said...


Dude?? I must say you are improving :P


Yes every post, I publish is 'great post' or 'supreme post' or 'good work maamu (with one randomly chosen smiley within square brackets next to it)' ....ya and how can I forget!! (Smacks) 'Supremos maamu' Awesome vocabulary :P . As they say here

Studd Magan :P

@ Akshata
Is Na na na na too too a Bhangra number? :O And is the 'Great work' referred to the movie or my post? :P 8)